Inspiring generations to grow together for Jesus.
Encourage. Challenge. Inspire. Equip. Free.

There is always a generation rising up to take their place and other generations who are already established in the Way of Jesus. Bridging that gap by revealing to generations how they can each walk across the bridge and connect the generation gap.

Communicating Jesus, Clearly to all Generations.
Regularly communicating to students, Geoff utilizing clarity, authenticity, and an unwillingness to sugar coat things to communicate the truths of life and Jesus. He also regularly communicates to adults in creative and relevant ways, encouraging and inspiring adults to step into the fullness of the life they have been promised in Christ. Geoff has also been known to participate in events as a Master of Ceremonies, taking your event to the next level.
Connected Ministries & Partnerships
Geoff works with multiple organizations and recommends their work as well!

Download Youth Ministry

Ministry Resource Sharing

Fusion Forge Consultants

Strategy and Online Marketing

Hope Missionary Church

Home Church

Missionary Church Central Region

Denominational Region

Converge High School Ministry

Ministry to High School Students


High School/Middle School Camp

242 College/Young Adult Ministry

Emerging Adults Ministry
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