I was working through some self reflection recently. Doing a little self-evaluation as it concerns most areas of my life and I couldn’t help but notice something that was dichotomous from the way that I had done most of the READ MORE




I’ve written a few times here, here, here, and here about the idea of doing something simple. I think that’s because I’m a person that usually exchanges simple for something that isn’t that. I know why I do this, but I rarely READ MORE



A Peculiar & Ironic Occurrence

A funny and pretty peculiar and ironic occurrence happened to me last week. I’ve been working hard to get ahead and developing a strategy that will allow me to work smarter and accomplish more over the course of a longer period of READ MORE



A Few Recent Things

I’ve been wrestling with a few recent things lately and that isn’t something that is super recommended. However, it can produce some exciting results and some scary results. Here are some recent ruminations that i thought might be beneficial for someone, READ MORE



Something Exciting Is Coming! | Nexus Movement 2015
Something Exciting Is Coming! | Nexus Movement 2015

People get excited about different things. But there is something exciting that is coming to Northeast Indiana and I’m prayerfully anticipating the things that God is going to do in the next few months. This new something exciting is about READ MORE