Last Night

Jul. 31, 2008 by

This guy is awesome. He has seen the Power of God work in his life. He has fully surrendered everything; his wife, his time with his child, almost his life.

Buying in…

Jul. 30, 2008 by

Last night I led a Bible Study that was asking the question: “What is a surrendered life?” In that Bible Study, I asked the question: “Why do we live a

the Future

Jul. 28, 2008 by

I was driving to The Cove today and began thinking about my future. Not just occupations, friends, or how in the world I am going to make all of the

Camp Reflections

Jul. 18, 2008 by

In the few short weeks that I have been here at NMC, I have had the opportunity to speak, build relationships, and learn from some of the greatest men of


Jul. 3, 2008 by

I recently spoke to the Young Adults on Sunday Night at the Effect and briefly touched on the beauty that God has created and the way that that beauty reflects