Season 1 Episode 0

Mar. 9, 2017 by

In the pilot to the Small Town Ministry Podcast, Kale and Geoff talk about the principle of “Show Up” and how valuable it is to ministering to students. Join them on the very first installment of the Small Town Ministry Podcast and learn from our experiences!

A Welcome Day Off

Mar. 6, 2017 by

There are a few things that I love to read about. Leadership development, student culture and ministry, and I really enjoy processing my own personal development. I rarely make time

Tell a Grander Story: Helping others Rise Above

Sep. 28, 2016 by

It’s the political season in the United States as I write this. Donald Trump and Former Secretary Hillary Clinton are running for the highest office in our land. Many men

Find Your Tribe: Connecting with Life Giving People

Sep. 26, 2016 by

For as long as I have been in student ministry, I have been following Doug Fields and Josh Griffin. Some could say that I have what could be called a

Keys to Winning: Equip Parents

Sep. 19, 2016 by

If you haven’t figured it out, I work with students. As a student pastor, I’m around 12-28 year old people all the time. Often, I find myself a bit overwhelmed