I was recently pushed by a friend to start doing this more often. He encouraged me to start writing and publishing the things that I am thinking and the things that I am doing. I pushed back pretty hard with my friend citing all kinds of reasons that I will [...]

The Fear of Writing

In all honesty, this might be my favorite word. New anything. New Team. New Focus. New Adventure. New Title. New Book. New Album. New Church. New Life. New and Exciting (let’s not get carried away here.). Every single one of those phrases gets progressively exciting as whatever the “new” thing [...]


Hey people! I’m working on developing a little bit of a new facet here because I have found that I have a lot to talk about, but I’m not very good at writing it all down. So, it’s time to add or change some things to allow for this to [...]

New Podcast Coming…

In light of yesterday’s post about CHANGE, I’m pumped to announce a couple new things that are going to be happening at These are changes, that I believe, will help focus some of my work, provide a better vehicle for me to express what I’m passionate about, and ultimately [...]

Changes Have Come to