My friend Chris has been battling Lyme Disease for 7 years. He is a tough cookie. I am challenged by him every time I’m with him. But he’s not the only person who is hurting. And he is the first one that will tell you that every time you talk [...]

Come Do Something Good

I was working through some self reflection recently. Doing a little self-evaluation as it concerns most areas of my life and I couldn’t help but notice something that was dichotomous from the way that I had done most of the things in my life. See, when I was in college [...]


A funny and pretty peculiar and ironic¬†occurrence¬†happened to me last week. I’ve been working hard to get ahead and developing a strategy that will allow me to work smarter and accomplish more over the course of a longer period of time. I’m getting pretty good at studying chunks of scripture [...]

A Peculiar & Ironic Occurrence

It’s Wednesday and this week, that means a Gospel presentation. It is really the culmination of a week of stories and messages leading to an invitation to students to respond to the truth of salvation in Christ and the things that He has done for them to be with Him. [...]

Keep Jesus Simple