Merry Christmas from Me!

Dec. 24, 2013 by

Every year, my mom would compose a christmas letter. Sometimes it was done in a timely fashion and sometimes at the last second. But, we always had a Christmas letter.

be still.

Nov. 18, 2013 by

I was home sitting in my bed after talking to a friend about an opportunity I was going to have to speak about His gospel. The good news of His

Can They See Him?

Nov. 5, 2013 by

I was watching Sunday afternoon football recently and saw that annoying Nokia commercial. That one where they are crawling all over each other to get the best shot of their

Your Next Six Weeks

Oct. 23, 2013 by

I was sitting at Leadership Summit when Bill Hybels told a story of how he would take a note card and put down the goals that he wanted to accomplish

Be Happy!

Oct. 22, 2013 by

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get down on things these days? I feel like society continues to push us to think the worst about every situation