Life Updates

My mom had me pick out three things that were significant to me this year for our 2014 Christmas Letter and it got me all nostalgic. So, I decided to write my own! This is probably one of those things that you do when you get to the “adult” age [...]

2014 Christmas Letter

Every year, my mom would compose a christmas letter. Sometimes it was done in a timely fashion and sometimes at the last second. But, we always had a Christmas letter. So, here’s my delayed Christmas letter in lieu of just posting my Facebook Year in Review! This year has had [...]

Merry Christmas from Me!

I’ve been at Living Faith for just over a year. 2 days over a year actually. To be honest, that seems like craziness. Alas, I cannot make it not true. There is something about the significance of being at a place for a year. A year of new people. A [...]

Keep Going

I ran across this video today from the End It Movement. Take three minutes and watch it. See, I wonder what those 60,000 people did after they saw this. I wonder if they got on the website or tweeted about it or posted on facebook about it. I wonder what [...]

Do You See Slavery Today?