Here Comes Culture: Understanding Youth Culture and How to Engage It

Feb. 25, 2014 by

At Hope Student Ministries, we believe that parents are, and will always be, the most influential people in a students’ life. As such, one of our Number Ones is to

Can They See Him?

Nov. 5, 2013 by

I was watching Sunday afternoon football recently and saw that annoying Nokia commercial. That one where they are crawling all over each other to get the best shot of their

Mission-Minded Middle School Ministry

May. 1, 2013 by

There are two other posts on this topic: #1 is Here and #2 is Here. Click them to catch up. I wanted to update you on the Mission-Minded Middle School

CLFL13 Follow Up

Apr. 19, 2013 by

So, you really need to check out this video. It has great music, I’m in it, AND it recaps some of what took place down in Florida during #CLFL13, Campus

Middle Schoolers are Visionaries not Dreamers

Apr. 10, 2013 by

If I am going to identify that we are short-changing middle schoolers, I probably better come up with some ways to encourage them. I am not even going to propose