New Perspective on an Old Story

Oct. 19, 2009 by

The past few days have been a bit of an interesting twist as I have been discovering what I need to do in order to establish some spiritual disciplines in

Coming to a YMC near you…

Jul. 8, 2009 by

The greatest summer invention in the history of history about to hit the YMC in Nappanee! It’s FYBY. Tonight the Summer IMPACT Team shares of their experience as we continue


Jul. 1, 2009 by

Tonight, we continue with For You By You (FYBY) at NMC Senior High. Student leaders have stepped up and are ready to give their fellow students the opportunity to enter

Lonley Lunch

Jun. 29, 2009 by

So today is the first lunch in a while that I might not have anybody to have lunch with. It’s kind of depressing and yet kind of refreshing. However, I