Youth Ministry

Not sure why it’s named this way, but it is. So we get over it.

I was running around the blogosphere the other day and ran into these two FANTASTIC resources that parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, youth workers, and anybody who wishes to reach younger generations should tune into. The College Transition Initiative is a resource that gets maintained by Derek Melleby at the Center [...]

A Resource for Parents

That’s right- “If and overnighter and a retreat had a baby, this is what it would be.” We are really excited to be taking 100 Senior High Students and Leaders on what should be one of the coolest, most jam-packed overnight trip to Ft. Wayne… EVER. It all takes place [...]

A New Event JAM-PACKED with Fun and Purpose

Last Wednesday, Derry, at the end of the message portion, offered students the opportunity to respond, by standing, to their recognition of what God was doing in their heart. Many stood in response to the two different opportunities, whether that was to accept a relationship with Him for the first [...]

Helping a Student Know