Posted by on 08/04/2015

I’m not sure when the shift happened, but apparently at some point in our history, doing something isn’t enough. If you’re going to do something, you better do something huge, or it really isn’t worth it.

I think I know why that mentality seems to be present. It’s completely selfish and generally is fed by a sick narcissism. It’s because if I do something significant, perhaps I’ll get noticed; my cause will go viral; my name will get up in lights.

But it seems to me that doing something is better than doing nothing. What’s more than that, it seems that doing something simple gives you a better chance to actually accomplish something that matters.

You know what’s so cool about doing simple things is that it doesn’t take much brain capacity to do something simple. Generally it doesn’t take much energy to do something simple, either. And often, doing something simple for someone actually accomplishes something that they need, not something that will burden them unintentionally.

Doing something simple could be as easy as writing an encouraging card to someone just because. Doing something simple could be buying someone you’re going to meet with a coffee on the way to the meeting. It could be as simple as shutting your phone off while you are meeting with someone. Just do something simple.

Here’s the reality – we are often paralyzed by our own minds because we convince ourselves that we have to something huge, intricate, and complicated in order to do anything of significance at all. We need to fight that mentality.

The sooner we get comfortable doing the simple things, we will find ourselves doing significant things. Do something simple, today.

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