Posted by on 19/04/2013

I ran across this video today from the End It Movement. Take three minutes and watch it.

See, I wonder what those 60,000 people did after they saw this. I wonder if they got on the website or tweeted about it or posted on facebook about it. I wonder what they did.

But I wonder what I’m doing too. What am I doing to stop stuff like this? What am I doing to remind people that slavery is still happening today and it isn’t the movies.

What do you do when you see this? Do you cry? Do you cringe? Do you wonder HOW it is still happening?

So, now you have seen a glimpse of it. Don’t you want to end it?

It seems so insignificant to just repost something or give a few dollars here and there. But, what a difference it would make if we were to rise up and simply say right to the face of slavery: “We see you. We know what you have done. And we are coming for you.

Nothing horrible in the world was ever stopped when it remained in the dark. The atrocities that were seen in the world were never averted until they were brought to light. When darkness comes into contact with light, it cannot continue to exist.

Awareness is a powerful thing. Awareness brings light to dark situations. Light ends Dark. What are you willing to do to End It?

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