Posted by on 25/02/2014

At Hope Student Ministries, we believe that parents are, and will always be, the most influential people in a students’ life. As such, one of our Number Ones is to Partner with Parents. We believe that it is our job to “Equip parents to lead thriving families.” We do this in many ways already and are looking to expand our resources to parents on a regular basis. This next one is something that I am super excited about.

Here-Comes-CultureBeginning in April, for four weeks, we will be offering an Impact class at Hope Missionary Church during the 9:00am hour called Here Comes Culture: Understanding and Engaging Your Kid’s Culture. This 4 week class will feature a frank discussion of the ways that more and more students are gaining more and more access to more and more parts of the world.

We will be looking at Communication, how students are communicating, Social Media Technology, how to use it and engage it with your students, and other youth culture items that parents should be aware of and know how to engage in to lead their student’s in the way they should go through culture.

I’m super excited about this class. Your kids probably aren’t. But I am, and this would be a great way to get a crash course on how to navigate the “soup” as Walt Mueller has called it.