Posted by on 20/03/2017

A good friend of mine told me that if you want to get better at something, you have to keep doing it. So here’s a relatively honest two minutes of some relatively random thoughts.

  • There are a few terms that I hope are never used to describe me: Proud | Arrogant | Cocky | Uncoachable | Selfish | Self-centered | Set-in-his-ways (yeah, I made that a term) | Impersonable. And as much as I don’t want those to describe me, I don’t know how much I pay attention to the right things that keep those words from describing someone.
  • The hysteria that seems to be present in our society drives me nuts and yet I am oddly interested in what is behind the hysteria.
  • If there is a lesson that I continually walk away from sermons and bible studies right now is that I am far from complete, far from where I want to be, and more in need of Jesus than I have ever been before.
  • Music has such a way with the soul. I can’t tell you how often I find myself putting on some classical music and it gets me so focused on more important things.
  • I want to care about people the way that Jesus did, because left to my own devices, I am incapable.
  • I’m thankful for mentors and leaders that invest close up and from afar.
  • I find it so easy to over think situations without actually thinking them through.
  • WestWorld was perhaps one of the tripiest TV series I have ever watched. Seriously, a storm came through my town the night that I finished it and I thought that perhaps I was being reset and couldn’t tell if I was now a host or not. Maybe that was the TacoBell talking, but whatever it was kept me up for the next hour.
  • Getting help isn’t giving up.
  • People watching is so much more fun when the people you’re watching don’t know who you are. (I know that one is slightly creepy).
  • My difference of opinion with someone else doesn’t give me license to berate, degrade, or dehumanize someone. Often, I’m challenged not to want to do the latter.
  • March Madness is much more fun to watch with people around. Unless Purdue blows a 19 point lead in the 9pm game. Then it’s better to be home alone so no one can record your slightly embarrassing reactions to incredibly questionable coaching decisions. But, as they say, survive and advance, baby!
  • I wish I could love Jesus the way that he loves me.
  • Journeying with people is messy, it is difficult, but to see someone through a storm or a difficult challenge usually proves to teach me something that is just as significant as the end result of the person walking somewhere new.

Back to your regularly scheduled Monday or Tuesday, or whenever you’re reading this.

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