Posted by on 13/03/2012

This past weekend, I went with a bunch of Senior Highers on a thing we called “Retreaternighter.” Appropriately named with the motto: “If a Retreat and an Overnighter had a baby.” It was so much fun and we had a total blast. Many kudos to all the adults that came with us!

While we were there, I preached a message on Saturday Night that I don’t think I have ever preached before, but afterwards, God really made something clear that sparked something new in me regarding the things that He has for us. It relates so specifically to a post that I wrote last week concerning the Crazy Thing in your Head. 

God’s Will is rarely easy, but it is Simple.

I think it has to be the most asked question for Christians in America and it has the most paralyzing response so many times that it makes me sick. But often, the question, “What is God’s Will for my life?” comes up time and time again. And the reality that I have been coming around to understanding is this: If you can’t answer that question for the future, then the answer is: “Right Now.”

Now the person that is saying that there is no way that can be true is probably the person that continues to ask the question, over and over and over again. Look, how many times are you going to ask about what’s next before you realize that what’s next is actually what is right in front of you, right now? The reason that you “aren’t sure about it” is because you aren’t comfortable with it or it “seems impossible” or “you’re not good enough for that” or whatever excuse born in a lie we decide to use.

The reality is, His “yoke is easy” because it fits. It fits because He created you to fit that yoke. And for too long, we have equated easy with comfortable; easy with a lack of struggle or suffering. The English term is “easy” but the American definition is probably more accurately described as “lazy.” Look, I’m not saying that we have misinterpreted the Scripture. I think we have misapplied it. His burden is light because he gives us everything we are going to need in order to accomplish everything He sends our way. But if we refuse to simply take on His yoke and simply walk in the things that He has for us, it won’t be easy and you can bet it will be complicated.

This is convicting to me. I want so desperately to “do the right thing.” Mainly because I don’t want to screw it up. But, many times when I try to figure out what the right thing is, I tend to make things much more complicated and less dependent upon Him. I think that there is a better way:

Pray, Trust, and Obey.

I think the song might say, “For there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus…” You get the point.