Posted by on 21/03/2014

Have you ever read something that someone else said and thought to yourself: “That seems like good advice. I should probably do it too.” Well, consider this an exercise in that practice to just start.

One of my best friends, Michael, also writes a blog. It’s an excellent blog and I recommend you head over some time and read what he says about life as well. He’s an excellent thinker and challenges many people to deeper relationship.

Today, I’m challenged by Michael. I’m challenged because whether I’m good at this writing thing or not, I’m not going to get better by not doing it. I definitely wouldn’t know if I didn’t just start. Furthermore, I’d never get better at speaking if I never took advantage of any and all opportunities to speak.

You’ll never start getting better if you don’t first start doing.

I want to get better. So, I’m going to start doing. Who’s with me?!

If you want to read the post that contains the quote that fuels all of this, see Michael’s post from today here.

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  • My man!

    Love the post and thanks for the shout out.

    Wonder if anyone else started/restarted something today.