Posted by on 26/03/2014

It’s Wednesday and this week, that means a Gospel presentation. It is really the culmination of a week of stories and messages leading to an invitation to students to respond to the truth of salvation in Christ and the things that He has done for them to be with Him. Tonight, we present a relationship that keeps Jesus simple.

But, even this week, I have found myself making things a bit complicated. Like I do when I’m talking about complicated things. Complicated things that are more cultural things than they are Jesus things. I found myself rehashing my talks with these students and recognizing that what they need is for me to keep Jesus simple.

See the simple truth of Jesus is that He came, He taught, He died, and He rose again, so that  we could be with Him in eternity. The simplicity of salvation through believing and faith through that belief that makes Jesus accessible to all and desirable to those who want a life of purpose and a life of vitality.

It makes me wonder how many times I have made Jesus complicated before. How many times I have gone off on a rabbit trail about something that takes away from the perfection and personable nature that Christ already bestows and only wants me to display. I want to make Him known, not myself known. I bet I’m not alone in that.

So why don’t we just do that? I know what I’m going to do tonight. What do you need to do today to simply decide to keep Jesus simple?

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