Posted by on 31/10/2012

The next few weeks are going to get a little crazy and I’ll be honest, I’m sure glad that I’m not the one writing the messages! In the next few weeks, I will be on a crazy speaking schedule and I am super pumped about all of them, because I’m super passionate about them, but they are still going to stretch me.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Wednesday, October 31 (TODAY!) – Norwell Middle School Student Leaders – This is my first message to the students in my area. The topic is going to be the Body of Christ and I am hoping it unites all of us together!
  • Sunday, November 4 – My first message to Living Faith Missionary Church! We are kicking off a new series called “The Hive!” (More on that later this week!)
  • Tuesday, November 6 – “Merge” meets at LFMC as we begin to dive into “Selah”
  • Sunday, November 11 – “The Hive” continues at Living Faith as we look at what it means to Believe.

That’s the upcoming speaking schedule. Perhaps you want to pray for me? Perhaps you want to join me? Either way, it’s going to be a crazy couple weeks!