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Every year, my mom would compose a christmas letter. Sometimes it was done in a timely fashion and sometimes at the last second. But, we always had a Christmas letter. So, here’s my delayed Christmas letter in lieu of just posting my Facebook Year in Review!

This year has had many transitions. In January, I was working at a church in Yoder, IN. My friends at Living Faith Missionary treated me so well. I was so blessed to be able to take a few guys to Passion 2013. It was a trip that I cherished and loved what God continues to speak to my life through that experience.

I didn’t officiate near as much this year as I found myself invested in other areas. I began getting connected to the Norwell community and investing my time in ways that would bless the area that I was working in. I was blessed to be able to connect with the Norwell Baseball team as their announcer and saw them go all the way to win a State Championship. Pretty incredible year for those guys!

This Summer, I got the opportunity to officiate 4 weddings! WOW! Each one had it’s own little things that made them special and memorable. I’m so excited for Cam & Dayle, Andrew & Grace, David & Angie, and Landon & Katrina and the life that stands before them.

It was during the Summer that God began to stir in my heart a need for a change in location and I soon came to realization that God was leading me to Hope Missionary Church. I began here in November and have been so blessed by the interactions and the divine moments that I have had since starting here. God continues to guide my journey and continues to reveal more about me and about Him, every step of the way.

I took many trips to Marion, Indiana and back up to Mishawaka to see friends, back and forth from Elkhart to Fort Wayne to check in with family and to see my dad through some surgeries that he was having. All of this before I ultimately moved to Bluffton, IN. It is a beautiful little town and I am excited to call it my home.

The Lord is good and continues to mold me through the people that I serve and the convictions He places in my heart. I can’t wait to see who he brings into my life in 2014 and how they will continue to impact my life. He has a knack for doing that. I pray that He continues to do that for you in 2014!

Merry Christmas!

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