Posted by on 24/08/2017

New thing we’re going to start doing as I steal more things from smart people. This time from Josh Griffin. Each week, a quick synopsis of the previous midweek.

Last night was our Midweek Kickoff for the school year. Schools started around here the previous week and we like to get into the rhythm of our student’s regular schedule. This year we had a good old fashioned Class Color War. But, to start, Bethel College and our regional admissions counselor brought pizza for everyone which was a great draw. We provided cheap white shirts with our logo printed on them for every student and we collected database information for the new database we are switching to as students showed up.

There were four games that each class competed in to gain points for their class. Now granted, the points here were more like “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” but we still had fun. Games included: 1. Colored Egg Relay, 2. Balloon Stack Contest 3. 4 Quadrant Capture the Flag and 4. The Color War. We ended the night sharing some vision for the year, teasing out the next series, and giving a plug or two for our Fall Retreat coming in November.

Leaders who could make the kickoff were involved in all the games as well to build relationship with students in the grades that they most likely will be investing in. They were a great bunch and I can’t wait to see each of them grow in their influence of students this year!

  • Duration of the night: 72 minutes
  • Music: Piped in Bumping music (No Worship)
  • Games: see above
  • Point of the night: Have fun
  • No specific message