Posted by on 01/05/2013

Mission Minded Middle School MinistryThere are two other posts on this topic: #1 is Here and #2 is Here. Click them to catch up.

I wanted to update you on the Mission-Minded Middle School Ministry we are employing here at Living Faith. Some of the most amazing things can happen when you give 12-14 year olds the space, inspiration, and the sheer belief in them, to dream and seek God’s Spirit.

This past week was Dream Week. Essentially, we took some time to brainstorm and dream of what would be the thing that could accomplish any of the mission that they dreamt could happen. We decided that because of what Ephesians 2 says about being saved by grace and being made in a specific way and what Matthew 5 says about being a light to the world, there are a few criteria that help us understand what it is that God wants us to do.

  1. Platform– God has placed each of us on a platform. He has given us a place of opportunity where we all can be seen, heard, and watched. Whether that is a big stage or a small stage, we all have been given a stage because of the gifts talents and abilities we were made with.
  2. People– In just about everything that we do, there are people all around us. There are people that are impacting to us, impacted by us, or could be intentionally pursued by us. When we begin to see those people in the right context, we begin to have healthier relationships with the right people.
  3. Purpose– Essentially, we all need to recognize that God has created “good works” that have been “prepared in advance for us to do.” Each of these things has a message to be proclaimed. That message is our lives and the Savior that has made us alive with him.

In all of this, we came back to the key phrase:

We don’t do stuff to be loved, we do stuff because we are loved.

I must tell you, last week was pretty awesome. Students were coming up with ideas, sharing people that they new they could impact, and dreaming about what they could do to impact their world. They are dreaming. They are seeing visions. God is getting ready to do some great things.

The main thing thing I am seeing is this:

When students discover their mission, they discover part of themselves.

Our middle schoolers are beginning to discover that they can use the things that they are passionate at, talented at, and enjoy to give God glory, be the hands and feet, and ultimately, change their world. But this takes a lot of pastoring and shepherding to ensure that they see this as an experiment, an experience, in discovering more of how they were made up.

The next step in our process is to put some legs to the process. I’m excited to see where this goes! What are you doing in your ministry right now?