Posted by on 05/09/2017

This past Wednesday was our kickoff for small groups and regular student programming. One thing that I was bound and determined to get done was a semester schedule that students could take home.

Now, you have to know that I’m not the most organized person and that details can often elude my passion. So, the fact that I was close enough to get this in print was a mere miracle. But, I have always known it is important and so I put my head down and got it done. I think it turned out pretty well.

Semester Schedule 1 Semester Schedule 2

Now, some might say, “Why do they need a semester schedule? They are high school students. Do they plan anything?” Actually, they do. I think the very preponderance of that question caused me to question the need of a semester schedule myself. But I had a bit of a mindset shift when students started asking me for it this Summer.

See, we send out “Save the Date” reminders for weddings, we set up facebook events for big stuff, we even set up websites for different events that we want people to know about. If we are serious about making our ministry available to all the students who want to participate, then we should do well to eliminate every obstacle to them showing up and plugging in. So, why not give them a schedule?

It came down to a pretty simple reality for me: If I want to help students to take our ministry seriously, show them that we consider their time seriously.

If there is anything that we are clearly learning these days in student ministry, it is that students are more and more busy and there are plenty of other options for them to engage in as a high school student. I know this because I did it. Picking something other than church was a major part of my story in high school.

Is the schedule a big deal to students? Probably not all of them. But, it does communicate to them that we are serious about what is happening on Wednesday nights and throughout the semester. It shows some intentionality. It shows that we have put some thought into what we are doing. Sure, you were already doing that, but perception is reality, so help them know the reality.

Again, this is just what I’m processing lately. What do you think? Are schedules that important for students to have? Leave your comment in the comments. That’s usually where they are supposed to go. 🙂