Posted by on 08/04/2013

CLFL13One of the biggest things that I get frustrated with in ministry to students is how much we have short-changed middle schoolers. I was a high school pastor for about 4 years and really focused in on developing leaders and ministry in the life of high schoolers. Even then, I was guilty of expecting more from high schoolers than I did from middle schoolers.

The reality is this: Middle Schoolers, when engaged with an crazy idea, are more apt to jump at the opportunity to try and accomplish it than any other age group I have ever connected with.

It shouldn’t come at a surprise that the youngest of the “Next Generation” is ready to jump at the opportunity to change a world that they have not been so jaded and skewed by at their age. It also shouldn’t come as a surprise that a generation that will hear more messages about “what they are supposed to be” and “what they are like” will rise to the occasion to prove the rest of the world wrong.

As a pastor, I am convinced that some students can begin to find “who they are” by discovering what God has placed in them to do and accomplish. I can’t wait to see what happens in this group of students as they continue to pursue all that God is placing before them.