Posted by on 29/08/2016

I was recently pushed by a friend to start doing this more often. He encouraged me to start writing and publishing the things that I am thinking and the things that I am doing. I pushed back pretty hard with my friend citing all kinds of reasons that I will outline here in a moment. But he rallied hard and suggested that perhaps the reason I don’t write are basically the exact reasons to write.

So here we are again- writing and searching for the significant things in the world. It’s been a few months, but that pause isn’t out of a lack of seeking, but rather perhaps a succumbing to the pressures of insecurity. And I’m pretty sure that isn’t the way that it is supposed to go. So, it’s time for a change.

See here’s what I’ve said and I’m not sure I have 100% believed for myself: Every human being has something to offer the other human beings right where they are.

See it’s easy to say that. It’s even easy to preach that. But what may be difficult to do is live it out. But, I’m learning that that may be part of the process of being human. You really won’t be perfect until you are in the presence of the One who is perfecting you.

So, I’m going to work on being more regular with this thing. Join me on the journey. See you where ever it leads!

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