Posted by on 02/05/2013

The J Bomb CROSSI love hearing from other people. It is in our stories that true color is injected into the grayness of our lives. In light of that, I’ve asked a few people to answer the question: “Who is Jesus to you?”

This simple question is one of the most personal, highly debated, and incredibly revealing questions I’ve ever been asked. I think it also reveals more about God than it does the person relaying the story.

So, a new series here on the blog. A series we call, “The J-Bomb.” The name of Jesus is a name that so many people consider controversial. It is divisive to some. It is unifying to others. The reality is this: We don’t talk about Jesus enough and it’s time that that changed.

Join me as we look into the person of Jesus through the lives of his followers.

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