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the showI am a pretty big fan of storms. There have been instances that I have probably put myself in danger because of my desire to watch “The Show” that is the power and majesty of a good storm. And let’s be honest, it can be a great show. Well, this past weekend, we got a show.

The crazy thing about this storm this weekend was that I was driving back from Easter festivities at my parents house and completely missed being in the storm; I missed a chance to be in the middle of the show. As I was driving back, we got to watch some of the show, driving through some of the torrential rains and seeing some incredible lightning strikes. But we didn’t get to feel the hail coming out of the sky or see, what looked like ping-pong balls bouncing off the grass.

I don’t know about you, but it is much easier to watch the storm when you don’t have a vested interest in what damage it may do. I wasn’t thinking too much about my house or things back that were in the storm, because the one thing that would probably take significant damage, I was driving. But that wasn’t the case with the people who were in the storm.

The people in the storm started taking video, posting pictures, alerting friends and family. They started reaching out to the people who were around them to keep them safe and make sure that their property was going to be ok. They were battling the storm, to a degree.

And while this seems like an isolated situation that has no bearing, it made me think about the countless number of people who may feel like they are going through the storm. Life has dealt more lemons than it has lemonade and it doesn’t taste too great. The winds of a number of different things have caused high pressure and low pressure systems to collide and begin wreaking havoc on their life.

I don’t know about you, but when those times come it can be easy to just step back and just watch the show. That sounds terrible, but I know that the thought runs through my head, and if we’re honest, getting involved seems messy, chaotic, and a lot of work.

This last Sunday was Easter. A day where we celebrate the resurrection of the only man in the history of all mankind to predict his death and resurrection and then pull it off. It was this man’s life that gave hope to a generation of people. It was this man’s life that was beacon from above that reminded the people that God has not forgotten his promise. It was this man’s death and resurrection that began a movement that would span continents, people groups, and history. But this man was no ordinary man.

This man would be born of a virgin. This man would be man and God. This man would calm the storms and save sinners. This man counted equality with God as something not to be grasped, but to become obedient, even obedient to death. This man said, it isn’t enough to watch the show, it’s time to get messy.

I’m so thankful that Jesus didn’t stay back and just watch the show. I’m so thankful that Jesus got in the mess; in the chaos; in the calamity that was my life. It’s because of Jesus that I am alive. It’s because of Jesus willingness to become part of the show that I can stand when the winds kick up and the hail comes and the clouds close in.

I hope I never get so accustomed of watching the show that I am never willing to get into the show; to get into the mess; to never be scared of the chaos. Jesus refused to just watch the show of my life, he got into the mess and brought me out. I don’t want to just watch the show.


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