Posted by on 26/09/2016

doug-and-joshFor as long as I have been in student ministry, I have been following Doug Fields and Josh Griffin. Some could say that I have what could be called a “man crush” with these guys. Like many others, I have been blessed to learn from their mistakes via Doug’s books and Josh’s blog posts. They have started a website that has turned into a having a big following or a tribe that they lead. They have been so helpful in helping me understand some things that I may have otherwise not thought about. So when they offered the opportunity to go hang with them and 100 other youth pastors I jumped at the opportunity.

I went in, like every one else, not knowing at all what was going to take place. Seriously. Basically completely blind. Everything that I said in the previous paragraph was exactly what I knew going into this thing. But what happened out of that unknown was nothing short of awesome and an incredible blessing, to say the least. Why? Because I found my tribe.

My Tribe

See my tribe is a group of gals and guys that have been touched by Jesus for a specific purpose. A tribe of people that for whatever reason have found their purpose in connecting the next generation to the larger context of the Church. A tribe of caretakers that have been called and sent to walk with students to help them find a place to belong and and a space to believe. A tribe of crazies and creatives that desperately want to see the students of the world carry the hope of eternity and the light of life into the world.


And try as I might, you can’t really explain this tribe. You can’t quite describe this tribe in few words or with greatly accurate words. My tribe is filled with former business owners, current seminarians, part-time baristas, cooks, and teachers. My tribe is often seen as secondary, yet constantly finding themselves on the front lines. My tribe doesn’t usually look the same across the group of us and definitely doesn’t have an age requirement.

But as hard as they are to describe, my tribe fits me. My tribe makes sense to me. My tribe gets me. My tribe is working for the same goal. My tribe loves me. My tribe supports me. My tribe struggles with some of the same things as me. When I’m with my tribe, I make a lot more sense. Or at least I think I do. I love my tribe.

We all need a Tribe

See, I’m convinced that we all have a longing to belong to a tribe, or maybe a few tribes. A group of folks that remind us why we were made. A group of mates that are convinced of the same things that we are and will do whatever it takes to see action happen on those convincing arguments. A band of brothers or sisters that push us to something more and something great.

Deep in the root of who you are, tribes make sense to you and me. Being a part of a tribe that accepts us and loves us and helps us get better, makes a lot of sense to us. It’s almost like we were made for being a part of a tribe.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my tribe. I couldn’t imagine life without my tribe; each of them. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t know there was a group of people cheering me on, encouraging me in ways that nobody else knows I need spurred on.

So, do you know where you tribe is? Do you know who’s in your tribe? Have you found the people who just get you and fit with you? Have you discovered your place to belong?

Everybody needs a tribe because everybody was wired for a tribe.

You realize that, right? Every single one of us was wired to be connected to another. And not just a one person. No one person in this world can provide enough support for us. We all need a village to keep us on the straight and narrow. A group of folks that pour into us and we pour into simply by being connected.

Here’s three things to do to find your tribe:

  1. Look around for your tribe. Often times the people who are part of our tribe are right next to us, working just as hard as we are, on exactly the same thing as we are. So, take a look around and see who’s next to you.
  2. Reach out to your tribe. Maybe you can’t find them next to you, but if you do some digging, they’re around, waiting for you to contact them. Go through your facebook list, look at your phone. Who is in a similar field, season, or experience as you? Who is down the road from you that might get where you are at? Connect with them and get some coffee.
  3. Maintain consistency with your tribe. I don’t care if it is once a year, once a month, or every day, you have to regularly connect with your tribe. Schedule a date, write it down, and make it happen. When you find your tribe, you will find God’s plan to remind you of your purpose and your passion. You never know when you will need that more than other times.
  4. Repeat for someone else looking for a tribe. You never know who might be around you that you need to be the ambassador of the tribe. They need you to connect with them and get them connected to the tribe. Find that person, connect them in, show them the tribe.

We all need a tribe because we all are wired for a tribe. So get out there. Find your tribe.